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A choice of edge/tip configurations

Type A
.090" wide chemically reduced step

Type B
Pre-beveling provides a consistent edge shape

Type C
.060" wide chemically reduced step

Type D
Smooth round edge

Type E
Slit blade provides square edge

Type F
Bonded wiping blade and backup Patent number 4,895,071

A wide range of blade materials

Micrology (ultra clean, ultra fine-grained, steel used in Ultimeter blades)
This exclusively produced and specially developed doctor blade steel out wears conventional steel blades up to 57% longer. It's best suited for applications where excessive wear is the determining factor.

WCS (Bright or White Carbon Steel)/BCS (Blue Carbon Steel)
The vast majority of doctor blades sold in the world today are made from carbon steel. It can be used with most inks, including solvent, water, and UV-based.

GSA (Golden Steel Alloy)
This tool steel alloy is one of our most expensive materials used for doctor blades. However, it is a problem solver when the metering substance or the roller is extremely abrasive.

S/S3 Stainless Steel
This cold-rolled product is the "softest" of all the materials Benton Graphics offers. Its Rockwell hardness is Rc 49. S/S3 performs well as a containment blade in moderately corrosive applications.

A hardened and tempered product, S/S4 is about the same hardness as White or Blue Carbon Steel. It also has more corrosion protection than S/S3. However, it is higher priced than the other steels.

Dupont Mylar® is a tough, strong, dimensionally stable and reasonably priced material. Mylar® has proven itself in the flexographic industry as a seal or containment blade for enclosed doctor blade chambers.

UHMW (Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene)
This material has both the highest abrasion resistance and the highest impact strength of any plastic. Applications include flexo printing and coating with coarser line count anilox rolls and running at low press speeds.

Acetal Thermoplastic
This material is among the strongest and stiffest of all thermoplastics. It provides good metering performance for solid and line work. It's compatible with solvent and water-based inks.

(edge/tip configuration chart below)

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