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Exclusively offered by CT Graphic Arts, Correct-Solve™ is a safe, low odor plate developing chemistry that is formulated to effectively and efficiently process all flexographic printing plates. In addition to developing in various photopolymers, Correct-Solve™ processes plates at ambient temperature. Correct-Solve™ can be recycled in all distillation equipment.

  • Spent Polymer is solubilized
  • Low order / fast washout / quick dry
  • Processes all plates at ambient temperature - requires no heat
  • High flashpoint ( 147°F/64°C )
  • Total plate processing time is reduced
  • Designed to be recycled in all distillation equipment
  • No HAPs or SARA 313 reportables


  • Chemical properties of solvent keeps plate processors cleaner, thereby reducing the frequency of preventive maintenance needed
  • Improves quality of work setting
  • Reduces processing costs and improves worker safety as well as quality of work setting
  • Plate throughput per shift is significantly improved because drying time and plate tack are reduced
  • No add backs or make up is required for the recovered chemistry
  • Creates cleaner workplace, improves air quality, and is environmentally friendly
  • Minimizes human impact on the environment
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