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HD Flexo closes the gap with offset
HD Flexo establishes a new quality standard for flexographic printing.

HD Flexo combines high resolution imaging with advanced screening. The result is a digital flexo plate for superb printing quality and stability.

Flexo has never been this close to offset or gravure printing! Want to know more? Read the white paper, the brochure or contact a HD Flexo Specialist!

Benefits at a glance
• An astounding tonal range
• Smooth vignettes - print to zero
• Reduction of correction and retouching of CT images
• Simplified conversion of printing processes

HD Flexo delivers an astounding tonal range

• There are high line counts (175 lpi – 220 lpi) with a standard Anilox system because of the support dot technology.
• There is no change or an extra investment for the printer.
• HD Flexo plates have been proven to print more consistently than conventional in long print runs.

HD Flexo allows to print smooth vignettes > print to zero
HD Flexo is superior in terms of minimum print density. It offers a very smooth appearance of highlight areas and vignettes to zero.

HD Flexo reduces correction and retouching of CT images
• HD Flexo can be used to simplify repro work.
• Use HD Flexo with qualified plate material to print offset repro in flexo without much retouching or corrections.
• It becomes possible to switch from offset and gravure lines to flexo to optimize costs.

HD FLEXO Closes the gap with offset

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