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The AFP-SF is a conventional flexographics printing plate, which has been newly developed to meet customers' severest demands for high quality printing such as superfine detail and/or excellent ink coverage of solids on any of a wide variety of materials.

The AFP-SF plate is most suitable for user in quality flexography flexible packaging, tag & labels, paper and pre-print.

The flexibility of AFP-SF plate ensures a very good lay-down of plate on cylinder when mounting.

The wide exposure latitude of the AFP-SF plate ensures accurate tone-value reproduction of screens up to 150lpi, with a tonal range of 1% to 95%.

  • Wide exposure latitude
  • Steep relief shoulders
  • Optimum color change
  • Short processing time
  • Excellent reproduction
  • High resistance to ozone
  • High flexibility

Download Brochure: Asahi SF/DSF Spec Sheet

AFP-SF  The flexo plate for top-quality printing with excellent ink coverage

Plate Thickness
1.14mm; 1.70mm; 2.28mm; 2.54mm; 2.72mm; 2.84mm; or 0.045"; 0.067"; 0.090"; 0.100"; 0.107"; 0.112"
Inks and Solvents
Irrespective of the ink system used-solvent-or water-base or UV ink-the AFP-SF plate always ensures optimum ink transfer. It is permissible to use solvent mixtures containing a limited amount of active solvents(ethyl acetate content-preferably under 10%).
Storage of Raw Plates
AFP-SF plates should be stored at a room temperature of 5-25°C and relative humidity of 55%.
Storage of Used Plates
Careful cleaning of the plates after printing is recommended. Direct exposure to sunlight, heat and high concentrations of ozone should be avoided.
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