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Download: Yellow Magic 7 Spec Sheet

CTGA now offers Yellow Magic 7™, a non-HazMat, environmentally safe cleaner. This water based cleaner can safely clean virtually everything on a press.

Just spray and wipe!

  • Flexo UV and water based inks

  • Coatings & Varnishes from surfaces such as rubber, plastic, stainless steel alloys, photopolymer plates, anilox rollers, cement floors, rugs and other cloth materials

  • Can also be used for other cleaning purposes such as painted or varnished surfac and anilox rollers on coating units (aqueous). Pre-testing is recommended before using on these applications.

  • Yellow Magic 7 is terrific when used in an Ultra-sonic cleaning machine or in a parts washer. Yellow Magic 7 can be used heated or not. It can even clean cement floors.

  • Non-flammable – Can be disposed of as ordinary garbage (not a HazMat like other cleaners). Since Yellow Magic 7 is a ‘0’ for fire hazard (see MSDS), wipes or rags can be disposed of as ordinary garbage. Simply filter Yellow Magic 7 through 50 micron screen to take out contaminants before disposing.

  • Zero swelling – The Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF) testing on rubber surfaces found that Yellow Magic caused 0% swelling.

  • Environmentally safe – Compliant with California Clear Air & Water Rule 1171 – only 10.25 pounds of VOC’s in a 55 gallon drum (instead of 280–320 pounds in a regular cleaner!)

  • Manufactured in America

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