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New And Improved Formula!

Choosing the right end seals for your printing application can ensure print quality and reduce downtime and costly replacement parts due to premature wear of your press.  End seals are an inexpensive consumable that, when used correctly, can save you thousands of dollars.

CTGA end seals efficiently keep the ink or coating from leaking out of the ends of an enclosed doctor blade chamber system.  They are a critical component to achieving proper doctor blade seating and preventing leaks which increases your productivity, sustainability and overall profitability.

CTGA end seals can be made custom to fit nearly any application and are available in various degrees of Shore hardness.

Problems That Result From Failed End Seals:

  • Chamber leaks and mess

  • Poor graphic quality and ink/coating waste

  • Excessive doctor blade wear

  • Premature anilox roller wear and scoring

  • Press downtime

To avoid these issues and others, contact CTGA today and stock up on our top-quality end seals for all your printing applications.

End Seals
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