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Accuracy Where It's Needed Most

Troika Systems Limited are the leading manufacturer of 2D and 3D scanning microscopes for the printing industry. Troika has set new standards for quality assurance in the printing, embossing and coating markets with its easy-to-use AniCAM HD™ and SurfaceCAM HD™ 3D scanning microscopes.”

There are now thousands of AniCAM and SurfaceCAM 3D systems in operation globally and we proactively work with our customers to reduce waste and ink with a typical saving to printers of up to 55% Ink waste reduction, 15% make ready waste savings and 5% increase productivity.  All these measures will help you towards your sustainability goals.

Troika estimates that use of the AniCAM and its associated product range saves the print industry in excess of 1 billion meters of make ready waste per year.

3D scanning microscopes



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