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Introducing The AWP-DEW 4260 PLF

The AWP-DEW 4260 PLF is Asahi’s next-generation larger format water-wash flexographic plate processor. This is the first water-wash processor of its kind with an automated process from plate wash-out to the UV finished plate including plate processing, rinsing, drying and UV post exposure within one system.

The system is designed to be able to use two standard formats at approx. 3-5 plates per hour, either 48 x 36 inch or 42 x 60 inch, which gives customers incredible flexibility in machine utilization. Plus, the automated combination of washer-dryer-light finishing, provides the opportunity for reduction of operator hands-on requirements and potential for errors. For customers already having a separate light finisher, the AWP-DEW 4260 PLF processor is available in a version without the light finisher function. This processor combination is the first incremental system of its kind and also features an improved UVA/UVC inline post exposure uniformity vs. offline systems with light finishing drawer.


Asahi AWPTM-DEW 4260 PLF Delivers Higher Quality, Faster Processing, Sustainable Footprint and Easy Maintenance Concept

First water-wash processor of its kind with automated process from plate wash-out to UV finished plate

The AWP™-DEW 4260 PLF processor is the successor development to Asahi’s 1116PD processor which has been used by many high-volume end users in the market. New features as compared to the older model include:

  • Integrated plate punching system for pin bar

  • Integrated air knife after plate rinsing unit to dry the plate

  • Higher post-exposure uniformity with inline UVA and UVC light finishing

  • Filter unit is located inside the machine with easy roll-out operator access

  • New machine maintenance concept including low maintenance pumps and easy pipe layout

  • Water safety tray located on the side frame without the need to clean leaked solution

  • Asahi remote human machine interface (HMI) access and optional smart glass support concept (future option)

  • Optimized machine footprint at 6112 x 2070 x 1295 mm (smaller vs. separate units)

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