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A better way to produce flexo plates

The Esko CDI Crystal is the basis for an impressive reduction of complexity in the plate room.

The new imager works with Crystal Technology, and is designed to connect seamlessly with the Crystal XPS digital UV exposure device.

Combining high resolution Fiber laser imaging from the CDI Crystal with the patented back and front UV LED exposure from the Crystal XPS is producing digital flexo plates with unique reproducibility and quality.

The Esko CDI Crystal lays the groundwork for full integration and automation of plate imaging and UV exposure.

The Esko CDI Crystal produces the perfect plate for all the flexo print applications that require high print output and stability on press.

  • Basis for reducing plate room complexity

  • Benefit Improved ergonomics help operators work faster

  • Benefit Based on proven Esko CDI laser imaging technology and high resolution optics

  • Benefit Produces the highest Esko plate quality standard – HD Flexo and Full HD Flexo

  • Available in sizes 4835 and 5080

CDI Crystal
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