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Esko Software Platform Makes Packaging Easy

Esko Software Platform is the next version of Esko’s portfolio of integrated software solutions for design, prepress, workflow automation, color management and supply chain collaboration used for packaging, labels, displays and signs. Highlights of this release of the Esko Software Platform include:

  • More software modules made available as Software as a Service (SaaS) and subscriptions;

  • Improved 3D support, especially when viewing objects in WebCenter and on mobile devices;

  • A new Content Management module for WebCenter;

  • ArtPro+, a totally new platform-independent native PDF prepress editor;

  • New tools and libraries for multi-part POP design in ArtiosCAD;

  • Planogram interface for Studio Store Visualizer;

  • New set of automated quality assurance tools in Automation Engine;

  • Esko hardware integration in the workflow (Automation Engine Device Manager);

  • Improved user experience across all applications.

Esko Software Platform


True Package Management Solution

WebCenter is a unique and powerful web-based platform that manages packaging pre-production specification, approval and project life cycle.

WebCenter has packaging at its core.  It understands all aspects of successful packaging: its shape, the importance of brand colors, and control over all necessary content.

WebCenter allows you to manage all the complexities of creating packaging: from specification to design and execution.  This management solution makes it easy to classify and organize all your packaging assets.


WebCenter offers a highly secure solution that’s easy to integrate with existing business systems, even in large enterprises. Naturally, WebCenter is available as a SaaS cloud solution. What’s more, WebCenter is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant.


A New Standard For Prepress Workflow Automation


Automation Engine serves as the heart of any size prepress production operation. It enables unparalleled workflow automation with rock-solid quality control. Automation Engine comes with extensive business system integration capabilities and is highly scalable.

Automation Engine ensures increased efficiency and throughput and saves time and money. It is, by all standards, an exceptional answer to the daily challenges of print professionals who need to increase quality, reduce errors and drive cost out of the process.


Packaging Plugins That Get The Job Done

Deskpack is a collection of packaging prepress plugins for Adobe® Illustrator® and Adobe® Photoshop®. With these plugins, Adobe® Illustrator® and Photoshop® become full-fledged packaging prepress applications.

Using Esko’s pre-production knowledge, you can now boost productivity and reduce errors while working in your favorite design application.

The DeskPack plugins fit any prepress environment. From importing structural design files (CAD data), over trapping production files, all the way up to creating repetitions of print-ready production files, DeskPack offers the best packaging solution to get the job done.

The majority of Adobe® Illustrator® prepress modules will improve your capabilities of designing the right packaging for your products, while others are specifically created to support Adobe® Photoshop®.

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