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Jalema Filing Systems

Flat file cabinets are one of the most inefficient methods of filing available. Vertical space is wasted and actual filing capacity only allows for 20 to 30 inches per flat file cabinet, due to the physical construction of the cabinet and ‘air space’ between the drawers. Jalema Uni-racks, with a width of 39 3/8″, offer usable linear filing capacity of 75″ in a two level rack and 112″, in a three level rack. One Jalema rack offers the same capacity as 3-4 flat file cabinets, at approximately 1/3 the cost.

Finding valuable film, plates and artwork in a flat file cabinet is difficult, since it requires the user to search through a stack of material that may not be grouped or indexed. The material needed is almost always in the bottom of the drawer, making filing and retrieving a nightmare. The result is lost productivity, scratched film and damaged plates.

The storage and filing cases for all kinds of printing material have 2 insert compartments (with the exception of size 33″ x 43 1/4″). One compartment has a dust cover. The Job files are made of 152 # brown kraft and the Repro files of 216 # grey kraft cardboard.

The Jalema racks are suitable for all Job and Repro files, with the exception of the largest size. The racks with a depth of 15″ or 21″, can always be provided with the modular extension when additional capacity is necessary. An Offset rack (6480007) is available for the largest size.

For temporary filing in the production area Jalema has a number of tools. The Wall Filing Rack is available in two lengths: 31 1/2″ (5810800) or 63″ (5811600). The Wall Unit has a capacity of 8″ (5812500). For on the spot filing, a table arm (6431200) is attached to a desk by means of a sturdy clamp. Carts are available to transport files and to serve as extra work areas.

Self-Adhesive and laminated Codetabs in number, letter and year organize by color group or consecutive number series from 0000 to 9999. Searching, finding, removing and rehanging are accomplished in a matter of seconds. Additionally, Jalema offers self-adhesive cases, disk/CD pockets, windows, flags, etc. to help identify the files.

Jalema Filing Systems
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