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Flexowash Anilox Roll Cleaners

Anilox Cleaning

Flexo Wash is the most innovative leader in Anilox Cleaning technology. Since Flexo Wash first developed the Anilox Cleaner over 25 years ago, more than 3,000 converters and printers have chosen to use Flexo Wash Anilox Cleaners to improve their printing process.

Flexo Wash offers two ways of cleaning:

  • Liquid Cleaner

  • Laser Cleaner

At Flexo Wash, they know that Clean is Clean, no matter how you get there. As all those in the printing industry know, aniloxes are the heart of the Flexo process — and when properly cleaned, result in higher output on your press with less downtime, material and labor costs. Properly cleaned aniloxes give the best print quality and a constant output.


Both Flexo Wash systems give a perfect cleaning result.

Anilox Cleaning


  • Proven technology

  • Offers AGILITY with a fast cleaning process; approximately 10-20 minutes

  • Daily deep cleaning as often as you want

  • No wear and tear on aniloxes

  • Clean multiple aniloxes in 10-20 minutes

  • Effective on all ink types

  • Fully-automatic, closed-loop system; no labor involved directly with cleaning


  • Emerging technology

  • Cleaning time is approximately 30-50 minutes

  • Deep cleaning

  • Effective on difficult inks

  • Easy front loading of aniloxes

  • Requires few utility connections

  • Fully-automatic, closed-loop system; no labor involved directly with cleaning

  • Automatic sleeve identification (RFID) possible

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