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Keencut Safety Straight Edges


Safety Straight Edges

Keencut Safety Straight Edges

You can rely on Keencut’s industry-leading reputation for safety and quality, even when buying the simplest tool. Our lightweight Safety Straight Edge is precision engineered for use in marking, drawing, pen-lining, scoring or cutting.

Protecting you
With a full-length curved finger guard, the Keencut Safety Straight Edge protects operators, whatever their level of experience.

Protecting your work
Two full-length grip cords steady the Safety Straight Edge without damaging sensitive surfaces.

For all sizes
Nine convenient sizes, ranging from 45cm (18”) to 180cm (72”), can be ordered with either imperial (inch) or metric (cm) scales. If you require longer than 180cm (72″), you will need more rigidity and will need to purchase the Simplex.

Built to last
The Safety Straight Edge combines high-grade materials and superb engineering to offer years of reliable service. An embedded steel edge prevents wear to both the edge of the ruler and cutting tools.

safety Straight Edges
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