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Misellaneous Flexo Printing Supplies And Accessories

CTGA is very pleased to offer a broad range miscellaneous of flexo, graphic arts and imaging supplies, accessories and equipment. The products below contain several product lines in the electronic prepress, digital imaging and quality control areas. In addition there is an expansive Tools & Accessories section, Pressroom and Bindery Sections.

Browse through the products below by category, and contact your CTGA technical sales representative for more details or to make a purchase.

Browse By Product Category

Algae Clear II

Anti-static Gloves and Wipes

Automask Masking Film

AZ42 Scanning Mylar

Base-Line Laser Plate Deletion Pen

Base-Line Masking Sheets

Bancheez Cloth Wipes

Carbon Arcs


Chemical Storage Tanks

China Markers

Contact Boards

Contact Screens

Cotton Gloves

Developing Trays

Dust Bunny Wipes

Dust Controller

Encapsulite Darkroom Safelight



Graduated Cylinders

Gray Scales

Hole Strengtheners

Impress Antistatic Glass Treatment

Kinetronics Anti-Static Brushes

Lithco Plate Punches

Lithco Precision Opaque Pens

LithoProof™ Instant Blue Proofing


Non-repro Blue Pens and Pencils

Opaque and Brushes

Opaque Pens

Orange Vinyl Mask


Plastic Print Tongs

Plate Developing Pads

Plate Punches


Polyester Stripping Films

Poliwand™ Antistatic Wand

ProAir Processor Air Cleaner

Processor Roller Cleaner Sheets

Registration Pins, Tabs and Marks

Screen Tints

Sharpie Markers

Sherman’s Safe Processor Cleaners

Staticmaster Brushes

Trupunch Register Systems

Ulano Masking Film

Wash Aid Additive

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