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Asahi's TSP Flexo Plate the Flexo Plate for Paper and Film

Asahi’s AFP™-TSP flexo plate, with Pinning Technology for Clean Transfer, is a medium-hard digital flexo plate optimized for a wide range of packaging substrates, from paper, folding carton and corrugated to flexible packaging and foil.

The TSP plate is designed to deliver excellent ink laydown for both printed lines and solids, and is perfect for both halftone and solid printing. Combine these plates with AFP™-TOP plates to deliver a fine, smooth gradation towards zero, increasing the range of applications that can be transferred to flexo from other printing technologies.

Asahi’s flexo plates and platemaking equipment have won awards around the globe in 2017, and continue to be recognized as the next evolution in quality and efficiency in flexographic printing.  If you’d like to learn more, contact CT Graphic Arts today.

Pinning Technology for Clean Transfer a flexographic plate technology specifically engineered by Asahi, features low plate surface energy that transfers all remaining ink to the printed substrate. Compared to conventional plates, this reduces press-cleaning stops, creating a significant profitability improvement.

These plates deliver very high resolution with fine screen rulings and minimum dots fading out to zero, allowing a broader total color gamut to be achieved, providing more design flexibility and enhanced graphic quality.


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