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New Asahi Web Site Offers Automated Product Selector and More

New plate selection guide streamlines product selection process for a wide variety of printing and packaging materials

Tokyo, Japan, and Brussels, Belgium, 15 May 2017

Asahi Photoproducts, a leading company in the development of photopolymer printing plates for flexo printing, today announced the launch of a brand-new website design structured to make it easier for customers and other interested parties to quickly and easily find all the information they are seeking. Available in eight languages, the site reflects a modern, easy-to-navigate design that is also mobile friendly.

“In this website redesign process, we spent a great deal of time talking to customers about their requirements,” said Dr. Dieter Niederstadt, Technical Marketing Manager for Asahi Photoproducts Europe. “The resulting site opens an information window for customers and puts important information at their fingertips, making it fast and easy to find the information they need. We are also especially excited about the new Plate Selection Guide on the site. This tool guides visitors through the process of determining which plates are best for each application, ranging from labels and flexible packaging to paper and corrugated, eliminating any confusion in choosing the right play from Asahi’s broad plate portfolio.”

Niederstadt also points out the company is adding a number of thought leadership resources to the site. “The first one is our new ebook, Reinventing Packaging Production,” he added. “This ebook is designed to help brand owners better understand the benefits of new technologies, including Asahi’s flexo plates with Pinning Technology for Clean Transfer, that are being implemented by repro houses and converters and reinventing packaging production. We’re excited to bring this educational tool to the market. And we also plan an ebook specifically for converters that will have more technical detail that will help them make better technology decisions.”

In addition to thought leadership resources, multi-lingual versions and the Plate Selector, Asahi’s new website also provides guidance to choosing the right local partners for plate purchasing and support.

“We were very pleased to work with Asahi Photoproducts on this important creative project,” said Louis de Nolf, General Manager at duomedia. “They have terrific content that is now more attractively presented and readily accessible to their global customer base.”


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