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State-Of-The-Art Technologies On Display At CTGA’s LabelExpo 2018 Booth

Visit with us in Chicago at LabelExpo 2018 and see samples of the ground breaking technology we offer our customers through partnerships with incredible brands like Asahi, Esko, and more.

In our fast-paced and rapidly evolving industry, efficiency, waste reduction and speed to market are critical. By partnering with Label Impressions, Inc., Esko and CTGA, Asahi has brought together solutions from world-class companies to create a faster, more efficient and more consistent flexographic platemaking workflow. Esko’s Crystal technology reduces the number of platemaking steps required and is making the process more consistent. By adding Asahi’s AWP™ water washable plates with Clean Transfer Technology to the mix, our customers can take OEE to a brand-new level of efficiency while boosting print quality and reducing their environmental footprint.

As one of the only national U.S. distributors of Asahi AWP plates and plate making equipment, CTGA is proud to represent the future of flexographic printing to our customers, and we hope you visit with us at LabelExpo 2018 to see a sample of this work in partnership with the amazing companies listed above, and to learn what we can do to help drive the success of your business!

The Specifications for this special LabelExpo Promo Piece are:

The construction for the Expo label: 

– Clear PolyPropylener

– 2.3 White Bopp

– Silver Cold Foil

– Clear Self Wound Lamination (adhesive already applied)

– Fasson (Avery Dennison)

Press speed: 

– 180 fpm

– Nilpeter 4200 10/color press


– Siegwerk UV

Sticky- Back: 

– 3M E1215 for process and E1315 spot black and cold foil

Harper Anilox layout: 

– Reverse print image (back)- K 1400 1.7, M 1400 1.69, Y 1400 1.72

– Surface print (front) – CF 360 5.0, Y 1400 1.52, M 1400 1.33, C 1400 1.59, K 1400 1.5, Spot Blk 800 3.5


– Asahi AWP DEF 1.70

– 200 LPI

– True fade to zero

– XPS Exposure

– Esko CDI Imaging

– Screen package = HD Flexo_Benchamrk_FTD_XPS_HDScreens_H34_Esko_Crystal_XPS_198lpi

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