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PlateVac™ - Flexo Washout Solvent Recycling


PlateVac™ is Designed for Flexo

Offsite haul away recovery services are costly, and increase liability during transportation and handling.  The PRI PlateVac™ costs up to 86% less than haul-away solvent recovery services.  Standard solvent recovery systems require a room designed for hazardous materials, preventing them from being hard-piped to the plate processor, and require manual handling of waste drums.  The PlateVac™ system solves all of these problems:

  • minimize transportation and handling risks

  • lower cost over haul-away services

  • lower labor over standard recovery systems

  • hard-piped to the plate processor

  • self-contained and installed in the plate room

  • safe, automatic operation

Durable. Reliable. Protected.

PRI solvent recovery systems carry the lowest life-cycle cost in the industry; over 75% of units sold in the last 15 years are still in service.

With proper care and maintenance, a PRI solvent recycling system can last for decades.  That’s why we’re not afraid to back it up with a 10-year limited warranty on the distillation vessel.  With PRI, you can trust that your solvent distillation system will be running for years to come.

Surrogate Solution Replacement

Standard solvent recovery systems and off-site solvent recovery services do not provide the maximum recovery of your waste solvent. Every PlateVac™ is equipped with our proprietary SSR system that supplants valuable washout solvent with a less expensive surrogate solution to provide the highest rates of recovery available (up to 97%) while providing a flowable liquid still bottoms and a clean distillation vessel.

Our SSR liquid is injected back into the PlateVac™ vessel during the distillation process to take the place of valuable solvent. By utilizing SSR, we can recover up to 97% of the process solvent.

SSR Helps You Maximize Your Solvent Recovery

Take A Look Inside

PRI’s PlateVac is a fully self-contained, automatic solvent recycling system, minimizing waste and costs, and streamlining your printing process and saving you money on solvent.

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