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Flexo Plate Cleaning Equipment

The CTGA Easy-Clean Flexo Plate Cleaner offers ease of use and great operational control.  Suitable for both narrow and wide web applications, it’s a versatile and cost-effective machine available in three max plate sizes.

The Easy-Clean is available with the input sizes of 17″, 23″ and 34″ max plate sizes and has two valuable advantages:

  • It is suitable for both the “labels” and  “commercial work” sectors.

  • It enters the market with a competitive price. In fact , some of the components and devices that are paid options for our Speed-Clean, such as the Cleaner heating device, water rinsing section and Water level sensor, are free in the standard configuration of the Easy-Clean.


The Easy-Clean is equipped with 2 brushes in the washing section (1 rotating brush and 1 power traverse brush), detergent heating device by means of thermal resistors stuck on the external bottom of the detergent reservoir, squeezing roller, closed loop rinsing section with water and drying section. A pull-out sliding drawer includes the reservoirs for the detergent and for the rinsing water. Inside these reservoirs, the two respective re-circulation immersion pumps are installed. A multifunctioning computer automatically controls the various processing phases of the machine and through the flashing of a multiple color LED spy signals the status of the machine and the danger situations. The average processing speed is of 125 sec/mt.

The most important option is the automatic input conveyor, many repeated processes without the assistance of the operator.

Available also: CTGA Speed Clean

Flexo Plate Cleaning Equipment
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