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Flexo Plate Cleaning Equipment

CTGA’s Speed-Clean Flexo Plate Cleaner is a robust and reliable machine ideal for wide web / heavy duty jobs.  In other words, a unit with a great robustness, reliability and remarkable performance. An ideal machine for commercial work, this unit is manufactured with 5 plate input sizes.


The Speed-Clean is equipped with 3 brushes in the washing section (2 rotating brushes and 1 power traverse brush), squeezing roller, closed loop rinsing section with water (option), drying section and double filtering system.

A pull-out sliding drawer includes the reservoirs for the detergent and for the rinsing water. Inside these reservoirs are the two respective high capacity re-circulation pumps. In the detergent reservoir comes with a  special detergent heating device, creating a very high level of safety and protection for the machine.

A multifunctioning computer with display allows you to store, modify and view all the processing parameters. The average processing speed is of 100 sec/mt.


There are many available options, our most recommended are: Cleaner heating device, Water reservoir level sensor, Cleaner reservoir auto-filling device. In many cases, the automatic input conveyor is also very useful.

Also available: CTGA Easy Clean and CTGA  Clean

Flexo Plate Cleaning Equipment
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