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Keencut Plate Cutters

Flexo Plate Cutter

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Flexo Plate Cutter

With the Flexo Plate Cutter, you can accurately pre-cut flexo on the flat. By using the sightline strip you can precisely align to your target marks for the first and second cut – there is no need to cut flexo on the round. There is less chance of costly mistakes, which often result in production downtime and the need to re-schedule work. You will quickly create seamless splices every time and save both time and money.

The cutter is also intuitive to use and with a little training and practice, precise flexo cutting is achievable by all operators. The dual cutter head gives the option of creating a bevelled overlapping join, or alternatively a 5° undercut, so both plate edges meet perfectly when applied to the roller. The perfect join prevents ink traps or any deterioration of the adhesive. The Flexo Plate Cutter is specially designed to ensure your safety and increase production.

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Available Sizes

Flexo Plate Cutter 46cm – 18″

Flexo Plate Cutter 81cm – 32″

Flexo Plate Cutter 127cm – 50″

Flexo Plate Cutter 163cm – 64″

Flexo Plate Cutter 213cm – 84″

Accessories, Blades & Consumables

Tech D .012 Blades
Tech D .015 Blades

Tech S .012 Blades

Tech S .015 Blades

Medium Duty Blades

Yellow ‘T’ Shape Silicon Cord

Cutting Fence

Lift And Hold System

Squaring arm

Other Products From Keencut

Evolution3™ SmartFold

Evolution3™ SmartFold

Designed for the busiest production facility, the Evolution3 SmartFold includes all the superior features of the Evolution3 range with the addition of an integral cutting strip for textiles and fragile materials.

SmartFold Bench

The SmartFold Bench provides the strong and solid foundation required for precise accurate cutting. The unique patented Proteus construction creates a secure and rigid workbench that will not lose stability.

Safety Straight Edges
Safety Straight Edges

You can rely on Keencut’s industry-leading reputation for safety and quality, even when buying the simplest tool. Our lightweight Safety Straight Edge is precision engineered for use in marking, drawing, pen-lining, scoring or cutting.

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