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Tesa’s Commitment to Sustainability: Today, Tomorrow & Beyond

With over 80 years of innovation and science backed support across numerous industries, Tesa realizes that sustainability and doing their part to help reduce an impact on the environment should be a solution everyone is working towards.  Which is why starting in 2020 Tesa began an employ a strategy for sustainability for today, tomorrow and beyond.

In their own words:

The climate crisis and other environmental problems are posing enormous challenges to both tesa and society as a whole. And time is running out. If we have any hope to change the course of our future, many different players will need to contribute. And we as a company have to do our part, too. At tesa, we are convinced that sustainability is not simply a trend but actually the most important topic of our time. It is for this reason that we have made “sustainable growth” a core element of our corporate strategy. Our sustainability agenda clearly defines how to align our three pillars of Environment, Customers and, Society. Since 2020, this has applied to the whole company and serves as a benchmark for all of our strategic decisions – today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Tesa's Sustainability Agenda

As one of the world’s leading companies in the field of adhesive technology, tesa can achieve great things while also shouldering a great deal of responsibility. Tesa’s new sustainability agenda is an integral part of their business strategy and covers the three areas of Environment, Customers and Society as well as the seven focus areas. They have defined mid- to long-term goals in each category.


At Tesa, we want to do our part to achieve this goal and mitigate the consequences of climate change. We have already accomplished a great deal during the last two decades: For example, as a company, we have reduced the CO2 emissions of our end products by 48 percent per ton of end product in 2019 compared to 2001. As part of the sustainability agenda, we have now set new, ambitious climate targets. As part of the sustainability agenda, we have now set new, ambitious climate targets.


Regardless of whether we’re talking about industrial and commercial partners or consumers, we want to enable our customers to be more sustainable. That’s why it’s our mission to offer them high-quality products and create a better environmental footprint.


We want to continue to be an attractive employer today and in the future. This includes ensuring that our business relationships along the entire supply chain are aligned with ecological, social, and ethical standards. Our commitment to society also reaches beyond our everyday business operations: We are proactively promoting educational projects that support the innovators of tomorrow and generations to come.


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