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Flexo Simplified: Reduce lead times & boost flexo quality

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Flexo average run-lengths are getting shorter, and the industry needs ways to produce shorter print runs more effectively, while less lead time.

Flexographic plates need to be available immediately and the press planning needs to be flexible to accommodate for a changing schedule.

As flexo must be at par with gravure, digital and offset printing, only the highest flexographic plate quality and consistency is good enough. That’s why the new flexo plate making workflows are highly automated so they become easier to adopt.

Work faster and reduce errors: prepress & project management

There’s a suite of fully integrated tools available to optimize every step in your flexo workflow, from first customer contact to delivery of goods – not just the imaging part. From project management, over prepress, to effective color management, Esko’s flexo solutions help you shorten your lead times and maximize press uptime. Work faster, and smarter and reduce human handoffs.

Removing complexity through automation: CDI Crystal XPS

The flexo plate making process consists out of many complex and manual steps. This not only takes time, it also offers ample opportunity for human errors. With the CDI Crystal XPS, making flexo plates finally becomes a coordinated, linear process. Esko’s CDI Crystal Imagers and exposure units offer superb and consistent results that were only achievable in offset or gravure before.


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