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Ranch & Coast Label Finds Success With Asahi AWP

Ranch & Coast Label is an up and coming high-end label printer and converter, located in San Diego, CA.  R & C recently chose Correct-Touch Graphic Arts (CTGA) to be their plate supplier, due to CTGA’s in depth knowledge and support of prepress, plate room and press room equipment and supplies.  Per Noel Tapia, R & C’s Production Manager, “We had tried several other plates, including thermal and chose the Asahi AWP water-processed plate for several reasons; No VOC’s (environmentally friendly), quick processing speeds, reduced downtime, and most importantly, amazing CleanPrint Technology keeps screens cleaner and densities improved.  Asahi AWP is a cut above everything we had tested.”

Noel went on to say “CTGA has treated us like a partner from day one, and with their excellent customer service, support and knowledge, we are now able to streamline our operation and provide our Customers with the very best attainable printing results possible.”

CTGA Asked Ranch & Coast a few questions about their business and their experience using Asahi AWP:

Q: How many presses does Ranch and Coast have?  A: 5 presses from 7” to 13” 


Q: Why did you decide to go with the AWP system and plates? A: Reduce downtime and the process is environmentally friendly 


Q: What print benefits have you noticed on press? 

A: CleanPrint Technology does keep screens cleaner and density improved. 


Q: What plate processing benefits has you pre-press team noticed?  A: No chemicals to deal with and much quicker plate making processing 


Q: How would you describe your partnership with CTGA? A:  Amazing, 2nd to none. Customer service is great. 


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